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The growth strategy of the Euro Asian Equities Group is founded on 5 principles:

Permanent innovation

Innovation is at the centre of our priorities. The digital world is extremely fast-moving and competitive, technologies evolve permanently and their uses too.

We must be proactive and anticipate trends to ensure that our clients benefit from all the latest developments. We welcome the challenges of technology working to ensure we are always a step ahead in the application of new data-processing technologies.

Prudent investments

The Group’s investment policy consists of reinvesting most of the profits, and as a priority concentrating investments on our core business. In addition, caution is essential, and taking risks is always measured and limited. This has enabled the Group to last over time and acquire the confidence of its investors

« Prudence in investments, the choice of committed staff and the support of powerful financial groups, all these contribute to the long term survival and stability of the Group. »

Audrey Louail, Managing Director

Know-how and skills

The skill of our teams is paramount in the provision of high quality services and the maintenance of our brand image. So we encourage our teams to improve or develop their know-how by encouraging learning throughout life.

In the same way, by combining organic growth with external growth, we acquire new skills.

International development

Our ambition is to push back the frontiers ever further, to export our know-how and become established in other parts of the world. We aim at working in the principal economic areas of the world and will continue to target countries with high potential. For 8 years we have striven to expand at international level, with the result that we are now established on 4 continents.

Pooling support services

The creation of the Group enables the different subsidiaries to pool the cost of support services. In this way, these subsidiaries benefit from the services but do not have to take on the whole of their financial burden. This pooling strategy also guarantees coherence and harmonizes procedures within the whole of the Group.