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Audrey Louail, Managing Director of EAE

Editor at Stock in 1998 then Editor-in-chief of the webzine NetJ in 2000, Audrey Louail joined Ecritel in 2001 as the Communication & Marketing Manager after which she was in Shanghai from 2006 to 2008 to set up the Group’s Chinese activity under the Aiqi trade name. As Managing Director of the Group from 2008, she has added to her internationalisation with the opening of Ecritel Inc. in Montreal for North-American clients and the opening also of an offshore development subsidiary based in Bamako.

With the Ecritel management team, Audrey Louail has raised the company to become one of the leaders of proximity cloud computing in France, in particular in the e-commerce sector, at the same time establishing sound development bases in East Asia and North America.

Since the end of 2012, Audrey Louail has taken over the operational management of the Ecritel France and EAE teams as well as the group’s financial management.

Thierry Louail, President of EAE

Trained as a Highways Department civil engineer, Thierry Louail started his career as a data-processing Project Manager with PLS (a software firm) where he stayed for two years. After that, he worked for five years as a freelance Engineer on missions developing software telematics with Sligos (which became Atos Origin) and the Announcements Office (which became the Yellow Pages).

In 1985, he founded Ecritel and took over the functions of Technical Director, involved in the different evolutions which have marked the Group’s history, from publishing software to managed hosting and from Minitel to Internet. In 2008, he concentrated on the international expansion of the group: China, Canada, the United States and Brazil, at the same time running the operational management of Ecritel France, until 2009.

Since the end of 2012, he has been in charge of the operational management of the foreign teams and the management of Group finances.


Ecritel France

  • Audrey Louail (Managing Director)
  • Olivier Jouaffre (Sales Director)
  • Julien Mellul (Technical Director)

Ecritel North America

  • Geoffrey Vande Weerdt

Ecritel China

  • Luc Valette

Ecritel do Brasil

  • Alexandre Salmon

CDN Tech

  • Thierry Louail

CDN Tech Asia

  • Thierry Louail


  • Gaëlle Zanoli