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Logo Oséo {PNG}Oséo is an organisation which finances the growth of SMEs. Its priorities are innovation, investment and the international dimension. With a network of 1000 staff members, the organisation co-finances and guides innovative projects with concrete prospects for marketing such as new processes or new services.

In 2010 the professional network Oséo Excellence was created, to which the EAE Group belongs. This network brings together 2000 company directors whose firms have proved to be outstanding for their exemplary policies of growth.


The Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Logo CCI de France {JPEG}The Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) is an organisation charged with representing the interests of commercial, industrial and service companies. It is positioned as an essential partner for developing the activity, innovation and international visibility of French companies.

For Euro Asian Equities, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry represents confidence and stability on the different continents where our subsidiaries are established (CCFC in Montreal, CCFB in Sao Paulo, CCIFC in Shanghai, FCCIHK in Hong-Kong)



Logo Ubifrance {PNG}The French Agency for international corporate expansion is a Public Industrial and Commercial establishment placed under the supervision of the Minister of Economy, Finance and Industry.

Ubifrance has 80 offices in 60 countries which form a world network of about 1400 staff members, in France and abroad, dedicated to the support and guidance of French companies in their export development.
The EAE Group has relied on Ubifrance in its conquest of overseas markets, in particular for its installation in China and in Brazil.