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Euro Asian Equities is a group which specialises in high value Internet services for corporations, SME and key accounts in France and at international level: managed hosting, content acceleration, and a Web & E-marketing agency.
Euro Asian Equities was created in 2006 to bring together the French and Chinese activities created by Audrey and Thierry Louail in the same business sector.


  • 1985
    Logo Ecritel {JPEG}

    Creation of Ecritel which publishes ICT software


  • 1991
    Logo Ecritel {JPEG}

    Ecritel develops and becomes a host for Minitel then vocal services


  • 1995
    Logo Ecritel {JPEG}

    Ecritel diversifies its activity towards the creation and hosting of internet websites


  • 1997
    Papillon Churchill {PNG}

    Creation of the Churchill web agency which joins the Ecritel group in 1999


  • 2001
    Cloud {PNG}

    Ecritel devotes itself exclusively to managed hosting and sells its website development business


  • 2003

    Ecritel opens two data centres with Parisian housers to concentrate on its investments in computer equipment and networks


  • 2006
    Logo AiQi design

    The agency business opens in China (Shanghai) under the name Aiqi Design


  • 2007
    Logo Euro Asian Equities {PNG}

    The Ecritel group becomes Euro Asian Equities via LBO. Entrance of new shareholders


  • 2008
    Logo Ecritel Chine {PNG}

    The hosting business opens in China (Shanghai) under the name of Aiqi IT (which becomes Ecritel China in 2010)


  • 2009
    Logo Ecritel North America {JPEG}

    The Ecritel North America business opens in Montreal, Canada

  • 2009

    Ecritel passes AFAQ ISO 9001 certification


  • 2010
    Logo CDN Tech {JPEG}

    Ecritel buys out CDN Technologies (which becomes CDN Tech)


  • 2011
    Logo Ecritel {JPEG}

    The Ecritel do Brasil business opens in São Paulo, Brazil


  • 2012

    Ecritel opens offices in Nantes

  • 2012

    Ecritel renews the AFAQ ISO 9001 certification

  • 31 October 2012
    Livre blanc CDN {JPEG}

    Release of the White Paper “CDN – Content delivery network – or web and mobile content acceleration”


  • 12 June 2013

    Ecritel announces the acquisition of OXYD, specialized in managed hosting for public service, in particular


  • 2014

    Ecritel presents its new public cloud offer « e2c : ecritel cloud center », for its four locations in Paris, Montreal, São Paulo and Shanghai

  • 2014

    EAE group announces the opening of a subsidiary in New York

  • 2014

    Ecritel announces the acquisition of Stocko Hosting


  • 2016

    Ecritel renews the AFAQ ISO 9001 certification, 2015 version