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Euro Asian Equities is a limited company owned by the Founders of Ecritel and Euro Asian Equities, Isatis Capital and NextStage.

The founders of Ecritel and Euro Asian Equities have more than 60%.

Isatis Capital is an independent asset management company specializing in private equity. The company manages at the end of 2013 a € 240 million of assets for more than 13,000 clients.His team of 13 professionals, accompanies on long-term innovative SME / SMIs in their development projects for 14 years.

The Isatis Capital team has performed over the past 14 years on behalf of funds it manages, 63 different investments in SMEs / SMIs unlisted. They have financed their growth and sustain thousands of jobs. The relationship that the company offers to entrepreneurs leads it to stay invested for long periods in the capital of their companies but also to deploy support.

More info : www.isatis-capital.fr

NextStage is an independent management company and one of the pioneers and leaders in the provision of growth capital in France. NextStage is specialized in investing and financing the growth of SMEs and mid-sized businesses (MSBs) that are “champions” in their respective fields. Authorized by the French financial regulator (Autorité des Marchés Financiers) in 2002, NextStage manages nearly €340 million invested in 62 French and European SMEs and MSBs, unlisted and listed on Alternext and Euronext’s B & C segments.

Since 2007, NextStage is the only management company to have been awarded three stars in the ranking published by the magazine Gestion de Fortune. NextStage is strongly involved in improving the ecosystem for entrepreneurs through its commitment to the G20 Young Entrepreneur Summit, Citizen Entrepreneurs, and France 2020 initiatives.

More info : http://www.nextstage.com/en/