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All of us are motivated by a common desire to be the best, so quality is one of the major qualifiers for EAE subsidiaries. The EAE Group undertakes to offer high quality services certified by reputable organisations. In an approach of continuous improvement, our teams are regularly trained in best practices, are sensitive to customer service and practice the exchange of information.

ISO Certification

PNGWe are AFAQ ISO 9001 “Quality Management System” certified. In the accomplishment of our services, our clients are central to our concerns. This certification allows us:

  • in-house: to improve and generate real project management which brings our teams together around common ambitions
  • externally: to guarantee that our services are in line with your quality requirements, by regularly suggesting that you assess the quality of our services.

Best ITIL practices

ITILEcritel’s project managers, engineers and technical experts are ITIL certified. We have adopted and respect the best ITIL V3 practices which lay down the rules to be followed in terms of information system and assistance to users. Applying ITIL practices enables us to provide you with a service that satisfies quality standards pre-established at international scale.