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Engaging in a humanitarian cause has always been obvious to us, because we really do want our development to help others to develop too. We particularly make a point of supporting the world of the school and children’s aid.

In Africa

Since 2007, EAE has supported LAAFI, the French children’s aid association in Burkina Faso. We participate financially in the construction of the association’s new cultural centre in Koudougou, the third largest city in Burkina Faso. This centre will be a vast complex entirely dedicated to the various spheres of activity of the association: sponsorship, training in bee-keeping occupations, the promotion of local arts and crafts and of culture in general.

Within the framework of the various actions which we carry out to encourage schooling, in 2011, we financed the purchase of books for the library of the village LAAFI cultural centre.

In addition, at Christmas 2007, bronze statuettes made by the LAAFI association were offered to Group clients as end-of-year gifts. A budget was allocated to an artist in bronze at the LAAFI village commissioning him to make bronze statuettes for our clients. This initiative provided the bronze-maker with a year’s income and the money not used was redistributed in the form of a donation to the village.

GIF« Since the creation of LAAFI in 2001, Thierry Louail and I have been active members of this association. We wanted to extend this participation from a personal initiative to our company as a whole, by raising our employees’ awareness of mutual aid. »

Audrey Louail

In the same way, Ecritel Inc. supports the Sandeba orphanage (gift of money and computers) via the CSI Corcovado association, which supports various humanitarian projects in the South (taking charge of communities, sustainable development and a public awareness campaign with the people of Abitibi-Témiscamingue in Canada on various international realities and the sharing of resources).

PNG Mathieu Halle, the director of Ecritel Inc., is actively involved in the life of this orphanage of more than 75 children at Ipelcé, in Burkina Faso. The association sponsors its actions and supports fund-raising twice a year. It is seeking to make the orphanage self-sufficient as regards financial and food resources (organic farming, collecting rainwater, sale of eggs, etc).
Moreover, a group of about ten people from Quebec set off in January 2013 to continue the work undertaken and monitored by the association.

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In Brazil

To accompany our installation in South America, the Group decided to set up an action to help children’s aid in Brazil. In the same way as we contribute to the LAAFI village in Koudougou, we are providing financial support and are helping to set up a day nursery via the Franco-Brazilian association Sorrisos No morro established in one of the favelas of Rio de Janeiro.

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