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At EAE, we are committed to our environmental policy and are continuously developing it at all our business levels. Social responsibility requires very special attention and, for EAE, has become a major concern over the years.

Green IT

EnvironnementalResponsible data processing (Green IT) is a concept which aims at reducing the ecological, economic, and social footprint of communication and information technologies (TIC) at all stages of our expertise: from the design of equipment to the end of equipment lives, via transport, etc. We are integrating the problems of sustainable development and working at reducing our environmental impact by cutting our energy consumption.
One of the contributions perfectly illustrates our environmental concern: this is the installation of a Cold Corridor® for Ecritel. By generalizing the cooling system to the whole of this Cloud infrastructure, we obtain efficient data-processing but we are also reducing our energy consumption by 15 to 20%.


DématérialisationWe are increasingly turning towards dematerialization. We correspond more and more with dematerialized documents to reduce our paper consumption.
In the same way, we do not hesitate to correspond with our subsidiaries abroad via Web conferences for group work that respects the environment. By this process, we limit travel, and the quality of the relationships between the colleagues remains exactly the same.


Village LaafiWe recycle our user equipment, a process which started in partnership with other sponsors (Ile-de-France region, EDF, Airbus…): we support an association based in Koudougou in Burkina-Faso in the construction of a cultural centre, the “Laafi Village”. In addition to the library, the conference room and a stage, this village includes a cybercafé which we have equipped with our old equipment:

« By donating this equipment that we regard as obsolete but which for the people of Burkina Faso represents equipment of quality, we are giving a second life to powerful machines.»

Audrey Louail, founder and Managing Director of the Group

We believe that the challenges of the company of tomorrow rest mainly on how we manage the ecological footprint and take sustainable development into account in our activity. Progress is possible every day, which is why we are committed to continuing our ecological initiatives.